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Organozatopn and what we doThe Department of Property-Declaration by Public Servants shall have one director; one deputy director and three senior secretaries at Level 10 to 12 of the Selected Rank.

The director shall be in charge of managing the routine operations of the department and directing/supervising its staff under orders of the Yuan president. The director shall be assisted by the deputy director and three secretaries at Level 10 to 12 of the Selected Rank.

The department shall establish six divisions to handle the following administrative affairs related to its functions and powers:

一、Matters concerning applications and reviews under the Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest, Political Donations Act, and Lobbying Act.

二、Matters concerning case investigations, fines, administrative appeals, transfers to prosecutors’ offices, and administrative enforcement under the acts in the preceding paragraph.

三、Matters concerning the setting and revision of the administrative rules and report/form formats for the acts in Paragraph 1 and their dissemination.

四、Matters concerning the notification of corrections and annotations of property declarations by public servants and relevant file management, transfer, and disposal.

五、Matters concerning the filing, compilation, and publication of data, including property declarations by public servants, dedicated political donation accounts and accounting reports, and lobbying registrations and financial statements, in official gazettes and official websites, and making data available for public inspection.

六、Matters concerning meetings of the Committee on Anti-Corruption and the Integrity Case Review Team.

七、Other integrity affairs and matters carried out under the acts in Paragraph 1.