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Political Donations

  • data source:Control Yuan

Political Donations

Process for political donations:

  1. Open a dedicated account: A person who plan to participate in campaign and a political party and association shall open a dedicated account in a financial institution to be brought before the Control Yuan for verification. After receiving approval from the Control Yuan, said account can be used for collecting political donations. A receipt must be declared for every donation or funding received. Monetary donations must be deposited into the dedicated account within 15 days of receipt.

  2. Acceptance of funding: Recipient must check if the donor’s status is permissible by law. If the donation is not from a permissible source, or the recipient refuses to accept donation, the whole donation must be returned or be deposited into national treasury within the deadline for declaring accounting reports.

  3. Honest declaration: A political party or political association shall declare within 5 months after each year’s end. A person planning to participate in campaign shall declare within 3 months after the polling day.